Publication Ethics

JUMAAT is periodical scientific journal focusing on publication of scientific articles in the field of social economic and agricultural policy in general.

The Editor Responsibility

1. The editor of JUMAAT responsible in deciding articles to be published through editorial council meeting.
    Editor is guided by policy council and journal editorial restricted by valid law concerning defamation,
    copyright violation and plagiarism.
2. In the process of articles acceptance, editor team works based on similarity treatment.
3. In the process of journal review and decision of publication (articles), the editor team does not
    discriminate any races, sexes, religions ethnic, citizenship, or ideology of political writer.
4. Editor and editorial team will not open any information about manuscript or article except there is
    permits from authorship.
5. A manuscript (articles) that is not published after proposed would not be used as research by editor
    and will be returned directly to the author.

Reviewer by Partnership

Reviewer helps editor in making decisions on received article.

1. Reviewer responsible to give recommendation on reviewed article.
2. Review of script is done objectively and supported by clear argument.
3. Reviewer maintain secrecy of information for personal gain.

Responsibility of the author

1. The Author should present an article or research results clearly, honest, and no-plagiarism, and
    manipulation of data.
2. The author responsible to confirms articles that have been proposed and written.
3. The writer must obey requirements of publication in the form of original paper, no-plagiarism, and has
    never been published in journal or other publication.
4. The author must show reference of opinion and other literature being quoted.
5. The author must write a manuscript or article by carrying ethic, honest and responsible as the valid
    scientific authorial regulation.
6. The author is prohibited to send similar articles to more than one journal or publication.
7. The author has no objection if article being corrected without changing basic idea or substance of

Publisher Responsibility

1. JUMAAT as scientific journal publisher responsible to publish article after the process of editing, peer
    review and layouts in accordance with the rules of scientific journal publishing.
2. JUMAAT responsible to guarantee academic freedom of editor and reviewer in running their job.
    JUMAAT responsible to keep privacy and protects intellectual property and copyright as well as editorial