About Journal
CODING : Journal of Computing and Software Engineering is a peer-reviewed blind journal dedicated to the publication of quality research results in the field of Applied Computing and Software Engineering but is not limited implicitly. The journal serves a forum for both applied and theoretical understanding and encourages submissions from both within and beyond academia. All publications in the CODING journal are open access which allows articles to be freely available online without any subscription.
CODING : Journal of Computing and Software Engineering is a scientific periodical published by the Informatics Management Study Program, Politeknik Negeri Lampung. CODING is consistently published twice times a year in April and November.
CODING : Journal of Computing and Software Engineering accepts scientific articles with research scopes on : 1) Software Engineering Approaches, Methodologies, Techniques, and Tools; 2) Applied Data Mining and Warehousing; 3) Artificial Intelligence System; 4) Information Systems Concepts, Strategies, Practices, Tools and Technologies; 5) Computer Networks; 6) Geographical Information Systems; 7) Mobile Commerce and their Applications; 8) E-Business and E-Government Adoption; 9) Internet and E-Commerce Architecture, Infrastructure, Models, Deployment Strategies and Methodologies; 10) Big Data; 11) Image processing; 12) Machine Learning; 13) Internet of Things; 14) Information and Internet Security; 15) Other relevant study topics.
Title : CODING : Journal of Computing and Software Engineering
ISSN : xxxx-xxxx (Online - Elektronik)
Publisher : Study Program of Informatics Management,
Politeknik Negeri Lampung (Polinela), Lampung, Indonesia
Frequency : Twice in a year (April and November)
Language : Bahasa Indonesia and English
Indexing : Google Scholar
Website : https://jurnal.polinela.ac.id/coding
Editor in Chief : Oki Arifin, S.Kom., M.Cs.
License : Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)