Basil Leaf (Ocimum sanctum L.) Extract Activities in Dringking Water as A Phytobiotics on The Productivity of Jowo Super chicken


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Basil leaf, joper chicken, phytobiotics


Natural products as phytobiotics comes from plants or aromatic plants. Ulitization of phytobiotics as a substitute for antibiotics, one of which come from basil leaf (Ocimum Sanctum L) extract. Jowo Super chicken is the result of crossbreeding between kampong chicken and layer. This research was performed to identify the productivity of Joper chicken by utilizing the phytobiotics of basil leaf extract and get the best dose of basil leaf ekstract to produce good productivity. Ninety DOCs of Joper chicken were using litter cages and put in 9 units of cages with length of 120cm x width  of 100 cm x height 80 cm for 7 weeks. The research design used completely randomized design with 3 treatments i.e., P0 (0 ml/l), P1 (20 ml/l), P2 (40 ml/l). Each treatment was replicated 3 times. Data on productivivity were analyzed with analysis of variance. The result show that, dose of basil leaf ekstract up to 40 ml/l in the drinking water has not increased the palatability of ration. This does not seem to be significantly different  on feed intake, water intake, body weight and suppresses the FCR.


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