Case Report of Uterine Prolapse in Cattle


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Kata Kunci:

Cattle, uterine prolapse, treatment.


A 4-years-old female brahman cross cow in PT. Indo Prima Beef II presented a pink to dark brown mass protruding from vagina, hanging to the back of the body after parturition. The cow diagnosed with uterine prolapse. Uterine prolapse is a change in the position of the uterus out through the vagina and hangs on the vulva. Minor surgery needed to reposition a pink to dark brown mass protruding from the vagina in a purse-string pattern but before the surgery performed, an epidural anesthetic lidocaine compositum injection is given at dose of 5mg/kg. Treatment using antibiotic injection of Penstrep-400 LA 1ml/10kg and vitamin injection of Biosan TP 20ml/cow at post-surgery was well tolerated. Cow was declared healthy and estrus in sixty days after treatment.


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