Pengaruh Sifat Fisik Tanah terhadap Hama Simphylid Pada tanaman Nanas (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr) di PT. Great Giant Pineapple Terbanggi Besar Lampung Tengah

Sandi Aji, Afandi Afandi, Lestari Wibowo, K.E.S. Manik


This research was conducted in the planting area of pineapple (Ananas comosus) PT.
GGP Terbanggi Besar Central Lampung indicated attacked by pests simphylid in
March 2014 until May 2014. Analysis of soil physical properties carried out in the
Laboratory of Soil Science, Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture,
University of Lampung. The method used in this study is a survey method. Soil
sampling conducted at three locations indicated simphylid pests. Soil sampling done
at some point and some depth. Results from this research that pest symphilid most
numerous in one location with a number of acquisition 172 tail where the location of
the physical properties of good land which the density value of the content is low, the
total pore low, macropores and high hardness low ground , allowing sinphylid be able
to live and thrive. While at the location of two and three with the condition density
value of the content is high, the total pore high, macropores low, and violence high
soil pests simphylid not so much discovered as simphylid can not multiply and survive
on the physical condition of poor soil

Keywords: Pineapple, Symphilid, and physical properties of soil


Sandi Aji dkk: Pengaruh Sifat Fisik Tanah Terhadap Hama Simphylid Pada tanaman Nanas....

Volume 15, Nomor 3, September 2015 233

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