Simulasi dan Disain Mesin Penanam Kentang

Teguh Wikan Widodo, Yanyan A., Joko Pitoyo, Diana A. Budiman


In line with regional development programs of horticulture, potato is a strategic commodity to support food security. However, recently, the difficulty and high cost of labor in the cultivation of potatoes became a constraint in supporting the government's program. Therefore, it is needed a breakthrough by using appropriate mechanization technology. By
this effort, the difficulties of farmers may soon be resolved by introducing this technology, ICAERD has been conducted design and development of potato planter. This planter has a fairly high difficulty because the seed of potatoes have certain characteristics that are easily damage if it is not handled properly and has relatively non-uniform tubers. Therefore, design
of potato planter was begun with a simulator to test in the laboratory related to the design of metering device, hopper and rotation of metering device associated with plant spacing. In planning, the design was also considered a variety of factors such as factors that is affected by the land condition, user target and level of technology. Test performance refers to  standard testing procedures for potato planter generated by hand tractor (walking type).
Field test of potato planter generated by hand tractor with a power of 6.34 kW (8.5 HP) and a weight of 200 kg, the operation speed of 1.7 km / hour with one row planting and working capacity was 8 hours / ha, slip was 6.3% and the working efficiency was 75%.

Keywords: simulation, design, performance test, walking type, potato planter

Teks Lengkap:



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