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The use of high voltage electricity in the form of pulsed electric field is a relatively new thing used in the agricultural technology in particular to assist the extraction process. High-voltage electrical equipment is generally product by large industries with relatively high prices. The purpose of this research is to design high voltage electrical appliances mechanically using conventional ignition coil gasoline engines. The method used is to design high voltage power plant using ignition coil gasoline engines and test its performance. The test material is a microalgae to be extracted. High electrical voltage is applied to the test material, then extracted using chemicals. The results showed that the tool can generate 12.99 kV, 15.35 kV and 34.82 kV voltage. The test results in the extraction showed that extraction with high voltage electrical gave higher yields than without treatment.


Keywords: high voltage electricity, extraction, microalgae

Teks Lengkap:

Halaman 121-126


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25181/prosemnas.v0i0.712


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