Pemberdayaan Usaha Bersama “Indy’’ Desa Haduyang Kabupaten Lampung Selatan dalam Pengembangan Snack Makanan Jadul


  • Eko Win Kenali Program Manajemen Informatika, Politeknik Negeri Lampung
  • Analianasari Analianasari
  • Dayang Berliana Program Agribisnis Pangan, Politeknik Negeri Lampung


The activity program aims to: (1) foster innovation in packaging, form, and variousflavors on local resource-based products, (2) wider MSME product marketingstrategies through e-commerce media as providers of "old school" snack foods to thepublic, ( 3) and the mechanism to obtain P-IRT as a market guarantee for consumers.The method implemented is a counseling method and demonstration method of theJoint Business partners of INDY as many as 15 people. Counseling methods on P-IRTlicensing, and demonstration methods on product packaging, snack processing invarious shapes and flavors, and the use of e-commerce. Expected outputs areproduction, income and product sales reminders, publications at national seminars,mass media, and documentation in activity videos. Problems faced by the JointBusiness ÏNDY can be done with several approaches, namely: group approach(counseling), demonstration of ways, and training. The target and output in thisactivity in general are to increase knowledge and skills to develop various traditionalsnack foods (DNDY) in Haduyang Village, Natar District. Whereas specifically are:Processed snack products Joint Business ÏNDY has good quality products from thetaste and types of snacks, namely banana chips, spinach chips, peanut brittle, coconutroots so that it can be accepted by consumers (improved packaging and productlabeling); Continuity of snack products "Joint Business" INDY "can run by theproduction plan so that it can have a significant effect on improving the welfare of thecommunity and opening new jobs; Increased sales of snacks for "INDY" JointBusinesses from 10 kg/week to 20 kg/month and expanded marketing of "INDY" JointBusiness products to the Bandar Lampung area Keywords: Packaging, Snacks, marketing


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