Sistem Informasi Lumbung Pangan Pertanian Berbasis Google Map dan Json


  • Rima Maulini Jurusan Ekonomi dan Bisnis Program Studi Manajemen Informatika
  • Dwirgo Sahlinal Jurusan Ekonomi dan Bisnis Program Studi Manajemen Informatika
  • Dewi Kania Widyawati Jurusan Ekonomi dan Bisnis Program Studi Manajemen Informatika



The agricultural food granary information system aims to build a food security system with food granary area analysis based on geographic information system technology and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Specifically the research aims: (1) building a database with food storage using Google maps and JSON-based; (2) building an information system for regional food availability; (3) provide information on the implementation of identification, inventory monitoring of problems of food security so that it will help formulate policies in the framework of fostering, managing, distributing, availability and food reserves. The research began with literature review, system model planning and preparation, model verification, field testing, evaluation and development, and implementation results. Output targets to be produced: (1) basic data on the potential of food obtained in the food storage area. (2) built a regional food security system with a food information technology-based analysis of geographic information and JSON. (3) a module for regional food security systems has been prepared with analysis of geographic information technology-based food storage areas and JSON that can be used for field implementation. Keywords: Information systems, food storage, geography, Google maps, JSON


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