Study Of Pruning On Growth Recovery Of Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Seeds Affected By Leaf Spots In Main – Nursery.


  • Kresna Shifa Usodri Politkenik Negeri Lampung
  • Bambang Utoyo Politkenik Negeri Lampung



Fulfilling the need for quality seeds can be done by doing the right pruning and according to the growth phase. This study aimed to obtain the appropriate frequency and amount of midrib pruning to optimize the growth of oil palm seedlings affected by leaf spot in the main nursery. This research was carried out at the Oil Palm Nursery Business Unit of the Lampung State Polytechnic from April to September 2022. The research was carried out using a 2 x 3 factorial randomized design with 6 replications. The first factor is the frequency of pruning which is done every 3 weeks (P1) and every 6 weeks (P2). Factor two consisted of the number of leaves that were pruned, namely 0 leaves (D1), 1 strand (D2), and 2 strands (D3). Observations will be made on the variables of plant height, seedling stem diameter, number of leaves, and the level of greenness of the leaves. Observational data will be analyzed by F test at level = 5%. If the results of the analysis of variance are significant, it will be continued with the further test of the smallest significant difference (BNT) at the level of = 5%. The results showed that the application of pruning once every 3 weeks with 1 pruned leaf showed optimal growth in each observed variable.


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