The role of women farmers in coffe farming West Lampung


  • M Apriyani Food Agribussiness Study Program, Politeknik Negeri Lampung, Indonesia
  • T B Trisnanto Food Agribussiness Study Program, Politeknik Negeri Lampung, Indonesia



This study aims to (1) analyze the role of female farmers in coffee farming, and (2) analyze the constraints faced by female farmers in an effort to increase coffee farming productivity.  The method used in this research is survey. The analysis method used is descriptive analysis and quantitative analysis.  Women farmers play an important role in their involvement in farming activities to increase coffee production. Farming activities carried out by female farmers are influenced by outpouring of work time. The outpouring of the working time of the female farmer in productive activities depends a lot on socio-economic factors and the condition of her family. The wider the area of farming that is cultivated, the more female laborers are poured out, which indicates the variation and variety of activities and quantity of time spent / labored by female farmers. The lower the economic level of a farmer's household, the greater the amount of time / energy for women to generate family income. In coffee farming, women farmers play a role in the activities of planting, fertilizing, pruning, weeding, harvesting and post-harvesting. The constraints faced by women farmers for increasing coffee productivity are lack of knowledge and skills, physical constraints, lack of access to farmer groups, and no access to cooperatives or financial institutions.


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