The Effectiveness of The Gamification Model on Learning English in The Pandemic of Covid-19


  • Y.W.A. Wibowo Politeknik Negeri Lampung
  • R. Akmal Politkenik Negeri Lampung
  • H. Utami Politkenik Negeri Lampung



The problem of decreasing student participation during the pandemic also occurs in learning English at SMK Negeri 1 Metro. Based on these problems, innovation in learning activities has been creating, namely Gamification-based E-Learning. The purpose of the research is to determine how effective of gamification model improve students' English skills. This study is quantitative research using an experimental approach where the researcher deliberately evokes the emergence of an event or situation. Researchers interviewed research subjects regarding their experiences about the effectiveness of the gamification method using Quizziz and Kahoot applications in online learning. They gave a questionnaire through the google form link to 69 students of class XII Hospitality at SMK Negeri 1 Metro.   It consists of 14 closed-ended questions in the form of multiple choice. Most of the students stated that learning using gamification was effective because it was related to the previous topics, fun, easy to understand, accessible, increased enthusiasm and interest for learning. It also did not spend a lot of internet data plans and time.


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