Isolation and characterization chitosan from varied crab shell


  • KR Ningtyas Agro-industrial Product Development, Politeknik Negeri Lampung, Bandar Lampung, Indonesi
  • M Muslihudin Food Technology, Politeknik Negeri Lampung, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
  • V Elsyana Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology, Politeknik Negeri Lampung, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia



Crab shells chitosan processing consists of 3 steps, the process is deproteinization,demineralization, and deacetylation. This study aims to produce chitosan with a high yield asan alternative to natural adsorbents and coagulants. This research was conducted using threedifferent raw materials for crab shells, namely mangrove crab shells (K1), small crab shells(K2), and kappa crab shells (K3). In this study, a demineralization process was carried out ondried crab shells using strong acids. Furthermore, deproteination is carried out using a strongbase to obtain chitin and deacetylation with a strong base to produce chitosan. The results ofresearch carried out observations including moisture content, ash content, solubility, and yield.The results of the isolation of the crab shell chitosan obtained the chitosan yields of 31%,32.2%, and 24.5%, respectively.


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