The effect of Rootone-F and coconut water on Piper sp. cutting growth


  • NLW Meilawati Indonesian Spice and Medicine Crops Research Institute
  • S Purwiyanti Indonesian Spice and Medicine Crops Research Institute



Betel is propagated by stem cutting. The success of cutting is determinate by manynew roots and leaves. Synthetic or natural plant growth regulators can do induction root. Thisresearch aims to observe plant growth regulators to optimum growth of green and red betel. Acompletely randomized design with two factors was design treatment. The first factor was beteltype (green betel and red betel), and the second factor was plant growth regulator, namelyRootone-F (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%), coconut water (15%. 25%, 50 %, 75%, 100%),and control (water). Repeated the treatment was three times. The observed characters were lifepercentage, root percentage, root length, and plant height. Data obtained were analyzed withSAS 9.1 software. The results showed that green and red betel could be propagated moreeffectively with water than the provision of growth regulators Rootone F and coconut water.Increasing the concentration of Rootone F and coconut water significantly reduces root lengthand shoot length.


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