Studi Keragaan Udang Windu (Penaeusmonodon) Dan Udang Putih (Litopenaeusvannamei) Yang Dipelihara Pada Tambak Semi Plastik

Supono Supono


The cultures of white shrimp (L.vannamei) in Indonesia have highly developed Since its introduction on the beginning of 2000’s. This species which is originated from Central America has successfully triggered shrimp cultures in Indonesia due to its high productivity. White shrimp has several advantages such as high survival rate (SR), high density, high disease resistance, low feed conversion ratio (FCR) as well as lower feed cost. The aim of this research was to study the performances of white shrimp and black tiger shrimp (P. monodon) cultured intensively in semi plastic pond including yield, SR, FCR, and average daily gain (ADG). Method of this research was case study of white shrimp and black tiger cultures in The Province of Lampung. Data were taken from 20 of 0.5 ha-shrimp ponds
respectively. Results showed that the average productivity of black tiger shrimp was 3,147kgs per pond with initial stock of 255,451 pl’s, SR of 54%, FCR of 1,46 and ADG of 0,17 gram per day. While the average productivity of white shrimp was 7,503 kgs per pond with initial stock of 514,035 pl’s, SR of 83%, and ADG of 0,14 gram per day.

Key words : Black tiger shrimp, white shrimp, semi plastic pond

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