Aplikasi Dekstrin Ubi Kayu Metode Pragelatinisasi Parsial Pada Produk Cassava Stick

Surfiana Surfiana, Beni Hidayat, Nurbani Kalsum


Dextrin is a modified starch products which is widely used in food industries and pharmaceutical. The main use of dextrin is as a starch substitute for various purposes, mainly processing of various snacks product (snack food). One physical method to produce cassava starch dextrin is partial pre-gelatinization. The purpose of research was to produc cassava starch dextrin using partial pre-gelatinization for raising agent of cassava stick product. The research was conducted at Food Technology Laboratory, Analysis Laboratory
and Pilot Plant in State Polytechnic of Lampung from April to October 2014. Stages production of cassava starch dextrin was extraction, drying, and partial pre-gelatinization. Dextrin produced was used as raising agent in production of cassava stick with the number of 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%. The observations carried out on cassava stick product was the organoleptic properties (color, texture, taste, and crunchy) with hedonic test. The physical and chemical properties (moisture, ash, crude fiber, fat, and protein content) were also observed. Scale up cassava starch dextrin production were carried out with adding water 40%, cooking at 90o
C for 45 minutes in single rotary drum cooker, and drying at 60o
C until it is reach 10% of moisture content. Dextrin formulation10% given the best organoleptic and physical properties without any changes in cassava stick chemical composition.

Key words: cassava starch dextrin, partial pre-gelatinization, cassava stick product

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