Study Performansi dan Konstruksi Mesin Pencacah Hijauan Pakan Ternak Untuk Beberapa Daerah di Indonesia

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Chopper is one of the important components in the supply of forage for small size, it is related with the capacity and cost efficiency of forage enumeration better than the manual method. Besides of that, forage of the result of chopper can make easily to be eaten, easy of transport, and reducing the incubation time / fermentation of forage in its treatment process.
Observation of performance and construction of chopper be done by direct observation to the field in some areas in Indonesia, and expert consultation conducted from 2012 untill 2013. The results of this obsevation showed that construction of small capacity forage chopper only with 2 to 4 blades attached to the dish both with "Gear roller" or not. The function of “gear roller” are softeners forage and as holder . This machine is used for leafy
forage parallel and relatively soft segments such as grass, and rice straw. The capacity of this machine is 150 kg / h up to 1200 kg / h small size forage.hile the results of large capacity forage chopper in this obsevation showed that the construction of blades can be separated into two types as bar blade and screw blade. One machine can be made one or two types of blade. The performance of Screw Blade Type is better than Bar Blade Type,
because screw blade type can roller before cutting. So there are no sharp result for cutting forage. Then cattle can eat safely because avoid punctured their throat. The capacity of this machine is 1250 kg / h up to 5000kg / h small size forage. This machine can be used for the hard forage (palm leaf/ palmaeae). It can be concluded that the use of small capacity forage
chopper machine is secure any their blade construction. As for the construction of large capacity suggested that there is a function grind forage (Screw blade type) because the results of cutting no sharp.

Keywords:. Study, Performance, Construction, Chopper, Forage, Indonesia

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