Jurnal Penelitian Pertanian Terapan

Jurnal Penelitian Pertanian Terapan is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scientific articles from agricultural disciplines covering Plantation crops, Food crops and horticulture, food Technology, Agriculture biology and agribusiness. Articles published in the Journal of Applied Agriculture may be research results (original) and scientific review articles (review). Applied Journal of Agriculture is published by Research Unit and Community Service of Lampung State Polytechnic Society 3 edition one year, that is January, May, and September.

JPPT was first published in January 2000. JPPT published a print version in 2007, then started the online version or Open Journal System (OJS) in 2014. Early online versions of JPPT or OJS editing have not yet been fully implemented online management and are beginning to make improvements Web Journal view and journal cover and OJS governance management on Volume 2 No. 2 of 2017.

JPPT has been indexed on Google Scholar and Garuda IPI by 2015, and by 2017 it has indexed SINTA and Crossref.

We accept submissions from all over Indonesia. All submitted articles will not be published elsewhere, original and not considered for other publications.






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